A Running List of Parkour Injuries 

How many small injuries do you currently have? I consider myself to be able bodied but today I tallied up my current scrapes, bangs, and bruises. Parkour training can be tough on the human body! If a car had this many issues I would consider it bust-ass:

  • Two scraped wrists (wall run practice),
  • Lump on my back hip bone (loose parkour roll on a hard surface),

    Wall Run Without Parkour Gloves Injury

    Wall Run Casualties

  • Banged knee (launched a kong too close),
  • Bruised palm knuckles (slammed my hands down too much on kong/dash practice),
  • Bruised balls of my feet (parkour with barefoot shoes),
  • Sore ankle joints (mud hero obstacle race),
  • Scraped knuckle (I don’t even know where this happened).

I wonder: am I old or does everyone have a running tally of small injuries? I mentioned this to Heather and her opinion is that every athlete has this issue … and also that I’m old. This is how you transform from newb to accomplished. As our parkour training continues I expect to have many more small injuries. The human body seems to get stronger when its limits are safely pushed.

So is parkour training worth it? You bet.

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  1. rfljenksy says:

    I’m pretty sure I will not be parkouring but I will definitely enjoy watching it all go down. Yes, I do have a running list of minor to major injuries and that’s why this ol girl will only be watching..

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