Rain, Rainy weather

Are Rainy Days Worthless?

On rainy days it’s difficult to believe every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes while slaving away at my desk I stop, look outside, and think about practicing in a few hours. However, when it’s raining I find myself concentrating more on what I can’t do instead of what I can do. Practicing outside in poor weather isn’t pleasant or safe. This may change as my experience grows, but for now it’s sunny days or nothing for me. So what can I (or you) do when it rains?

Cross training is always a good option. Use different muscle groups than a typical parkour practice session; your body will recover while still keeping you in shape. Another option is to give your body some TLC. An hour-long session of yoga, stretching, or foam rolling will increase your flexibility and speed the recovery of any minor injuries.

What do you chose to do on rainy days?

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