Free Running Friends With Benefits

We are trying different strategies while learning parkour: classes at our local parkour gym (lucky us!), the two of us outside, and solo.  Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages; our preference is to train outside with each other. To choose your preference you might consider:

Parkour Workout Precision Jump

Precision Jump Practice – Rotary Park, Calgary

  • Perspective: another’s advice about your form is helpful.  When watching someone you see things that they don’t, or won’t, notice.
  • Videos: having a partner video your moves is exponentially easier than trying to do it yourself.
  • Support: sounds cheesy, but encouragement is something that can really help when you get frustrated from not being able to do a move.
  • Two heads are better than one: you can help each other think of ways to use the environment for your parkour training and come up with some creative combinations together.
  • Safety: a friend is helpful if you injure yourself

Training should help you progress the way that works best for you, regardless of what anyone else says.  Find what parkour training style makes you comfortable and you’ve found the formula that works for you.  Stick with it!  It will pay off sooner than you think.


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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