Video Killed the Radio Star

Bruised Shoulder From Parkour Roll

Bruised Shoulder

Vaulting over a picnic table seems easy while watching a YouTube video. In videos it’s easy to see what the instructor is teaching; when they demonstrate everything works flawlessly (especially in slow motion). When we try to replicate the same move ourselves, it is a different story. What we’ve learned so far about getting the most from parkour training videos:

  • Actually watch the whole video. The beginning part is boring–yes. You want to see the move not hear someone talk about it–yes. But important information is in the steps leading up to a move, skipping them will sabotage you later.
  • Watch the video before you leave to practice parkour. It’s easy to think ‘sure, I saw that last week. Seemed easy. I’ll try it!’ A video is most helpful right before practicing.
  • Videotape yourself. May sound kind of lame, and also difficult if you’re by yourself. But this really helps for critiquing and improving.
  • Burst mode on a camera is useful. Possibly even more useful than video because it breaks down your move into steps and is ‘paused’ on (hopefully) important parts.

These tips help us progress our parkour faster than expected and some of them are just plain fun! And that’s why we’re here: to enjoy the sport of parkour.

Do you have any tips to share?


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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