Will Parkour Make The Olympics?

Now that the 2012 Olympics in London are over we can start to think about the next Olympics 4 years from now. Will there be new changes and sports included? Parkour has Olympic potential and including it as an official sport is not outside the realm of reason. There are already ‘new’ sports in the Olympics like BMX racing and snowboarding; ancient Olympians definitely did not compete in either of these sports.

The philosophy of parkour does not include rivalry; parkour is about using your environment efficiently and encourages a certain way of life.  However, efficiency can be measured so parkour could be adapted to competition. The free running aspect of parkour is very adaptable to competition. The movements are similar to gymnastics which is already a well-established Olympic sport.

Practicalities against including parkour in the Olympics:

  • Not many people understand or are aware of parkour. It is not as popular as soccer, table tennis, or even handball.

    Parkkour Girl Does Wall Spin

    Palm Spin Chinook Lakes, Alberta

  • It is a tough battle to include a ‘new’ sport in the Olympics (ie Ballroom dancing has had a rough time).
  • Establishing judging criteria could be difficult and would stifle creativity by assigning values when things are done the ‘right’ way. In parkour the ‘right’ way is often personal to the traceur.

To join the Olympics parkour will need a large group of passionate practitioners who ache to compete at the highest level. Until parkour competitions become a common occurrence it is unlikely to make its way into the Olympics.

What is your opinion?

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