Parkour Vault Over Picnic Table Calgary

Running Dash Vault – Rotary Park, Calgary

Five YouTube Channels You Can’t Miss When Learning Parkour!

“I saw it on YouTube, so I gave it a try,” maybe famous last words. Or maybe, the key to success! When it comes to learning parkour not everyone has a parkour gym to practice at, or experienced coaches to help. Sometimes the only resource available may be YouTube. There are endless videos out there claiming to be parkour / free running tutorials that teach you how to do parkour.

The tutorials encountered may be anywhere from excellent, to poorly done with poor advice. Here is a summary of quality channels we’ve used while learning:

Jesse La Flair: Jesse is a talented and experienced traceur who uses his parkour skills in commercials, professional roles, and American Ninja. More importantly, he has a TON of tutorial videos on his YouTube channel. The tutorials he posts are very progressive and allow you to work up to the move you’re trying to learn. Jesse’s instruction style is clear but his videos do run long. Sometimes you don’t want to hear an entire back-story to learn a simple move.

Tapp Brothers: Twin brothers from Texas they have both a YouTube channel and a paid online Parkour Academy claiming to be the first online parkour ‘school’. They have multiple videos online and a 30 day beginner training program that will take you from zero to hero. Their explanations are easy to understand and their demonstrations are good. Videos start with basic moves and work up to advanced stuff. The online Parkour Academy is in its infancy. The information compiled is spectacular; however organization and download reliability can be sketchy. A great resource if you don’t get distracted by their ridiculously awesome moustaches.

3Run: These UK guys practice a lot of the moves in a parkour gym and then demo them outside. There isn’t a huge emphasis on progression so it’s difficult to train up to doing a move. They demonstrate several people who have different techniques for the same move which is helpful and interesting to see. They make this stuff seem pretty easy!

Hawaii Parkour:  Conditioning and drills, and mixed in is some really good progression videos.  This is the one we like the best for the dash vault.

Chad Zwadlo of Fight or Flight Academy: A few parkour tutorials mixed in with a lot of miscellaneous parkour stuff, mostly done in a gym; we learned split step takeoff using his video.

There are many others out there; the true thing is that there is no one way to learn parkour. It is personal to the traceur, so take from these videos the important things for you. If it helps you with your moves, it’s a great tool. Otherwise, it’s fun to watch anyway.

Which videos have you found most helpful?


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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