How Much Progress Can Be Made In A Month?

Canada has never been known for having long summer months. Taking advantage of every warm day to get outside for parkour practice needs to be a priority. Having a full work and personal agenda sometimes disrupts these plans, but to get the most out of the warm season you’ll need to use any available time to your advantage. You will find those free minutes add up and you achieve noticeable progress.

This month we were diligent about taking videos during our parkour training sessions. Videos, clearly showing weak areas, help to motivate us while learning parkour. It’s a rewarding feeling when you complete a move for the first time you see it on video. Video gives confirmation to (us) newbie traceurs who think a move felt right, but want to see it to believe it.

Sorting through much poor video footage we picked our best parkour practice moments this month. We have as much to learn about video editing as we do parkour. Please enjoy this short montage of our month’s practice.


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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