Finding The Perfect Spot To Practice Parkour

Did you see that sweet jump? Wish I had a spot that nice for parkour training… As a beginner it is difficult to find places to practice parkour. It seems easy, parkour is meant to be done pretty much anywhere. However, sometimes while exploring the city looking for places to practice, we find ourselves doing more walking than practicing. It is our fault. We’re looking for the best place, the perfect place, and we’re beginning to realize that it just doesn’t exist. And that’s kind of the point.

Precision Parkour Jump Rotary Park Calgary

Lining Up a Precision Jump – Rotary Park, Calgary

Wanting to practice wall runs, we review tutorials and prep ourselves before leaving the house. We get downtown, look around, and discover it is difficult to find a place to practice parkour. There is always something stopping us: this wall is too smooth, too low, too high, too jagged, too close to traffic, too uneven, etc. etc. etc.

While some of these are legitimate reasons to not use an obstacle, some are just whiny excuses. It is frustrating to look for something already in your head and not find it. Moreover, the point of parkour is to fit your movements into the environment, NOT the other way around.

There will never be the ‘perfect’ wall, there is no ‘ideal’ railing or ‘ultimate’ practice space. Traceurs use creativity to find the path and movements that suit the situation. That’s the great thing about parkour: it’s up to you to make your best way, and to work with what you’ve got, no matter what it is.


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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