Ten Easy Hints For Success

“The question isn’t can you; it’s will you?” When it comes to committing to an exercise program, physical routine, or sport we don’t back down … often. To make fitness a priority we’ve turned down invitations to BBQ’s, hockey games, pubs, and restaurants. Why do this? What makes us take an intro lesson then never touch a certain sport again? Is there a reason to quit some workouts and stick with others?

The answer is motivation.

To succeed your motivation must be greater than the external and internal influences that encourage you to take it easy. Very few people outright quit, but many slowly stop continuing. How many people do you know with gym memberships who don’t use the gym?

When you reach a point where it is easy to not continue, be ready. If your motivation is solid enough success will be within your reach.

  1. Have reasons you want to succeed, write them down. When you “need” to take the day off decide if the benefit of doing so is more important than your reasons.
  2. Start slow. When you first start something new you are raring to go. Only do ½ of what you are capable of. You will wantto try again to prove you can do more. Do more, but continue to hold back and ride that wave of enthusiasm all you can.

    Parkour Girl China Town Cat Leap Calgary

    Cat Leap in China Town – Calgary, AB

  3. Find out what you enjoy. Your workout should be a pleasure, life is too short to add more chores. Change your routine regularly to keep it interesting.
  4. Find a friend to exercise with. You won’t back out as easily when others depend on you.
  5. Stop throwing money at your problem. Having a gym membership won’t motivate you, great workout clothes don’t make you exercise better.
  6. Focus on how you feel an hour after exercising. Tired and sore, but also good.
  7. Track your progress. Looking back and seeing how far you’ve come is amazing.
  8. Let others in on your plan. Make a commitment to them (this blog is an example of a commitment keeping us on track).
  9. Create a good natured competition. Humans are competitive by nature, take advantage of it.
  10. Be patient. Small steps will lead to big things.

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  1. travisrr17 says:

    I’m a firm believer in #7. Great advice!

  2. […] Start slow. After your warm up there is no need to go all out, work your way up to bigger, more demanding moves. […]

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