Parkour In Your Apartment

Impossible! You may say as you read the title of this post. But wait, keep reading and you’ll learn how we’re adapting to winter.

It’s true, snow is on the ground, ice is on the sidewalk, and you can see your breath in the air. It’s not that you can’t practice anything outside but it’s … different. Instead of muscle shirts it’s now hats, mitts, and warm coats. Surfaces are not dry and rough, but wet and smooth. The prickly grass has become squishy wet snow. You can still practice parkour moves like rolls, cartwheels, and handstands, but things like precision jumps are enormously challenging with the added winter hazards.

Reduced possibilities outdoors means it is time to re-think indoors. In Calgary you can take classes at the local parkour gym (lucky us!) but sometimes training at home is a better option. So what can you do when you live in a one-bedroom condo?

Parkour Girl Practice Crane In Apartment

Crane pose – Apartment


  • Crane: this is a yoga pose where you balance your body weight on your hands. Unlike learning a handstand, you don’t need a wall for balance and you won’t need much room practice. A good predecessor to handstands, it teaches you to balance using your wrists.


  • Yoga: the stretching movements in yoga will keep you limber all through the winter. Too much strength training or inactivity and your muscles will tighten up. Yoga is a good choice for an apartment because there’s no jumping and neighbours can’t complain about the noise.


  • Twenty Pull Up Challenge: we us a door-mounted chin-up bar. Practice pull ups rather than chin ups in order to work the arm muscles used during muscle ups (pull ups = hands facing away from you). Conquer the 6-week program and you’ll be ready to scale walls no problem (once the snowbanks disappear).

Conditioning in an apartment isn’t as exciting as training outdoors but there are still worthwhile exercises that will help you progress. As the winter wears on (it lasts for about 6 friggin’ months in Canada) we might start to kong our coffee table; but until then, we’ve still have lots of things to work on.


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

2 responses »

  1. “…kong our coffee table” – ha ha!
    I am SO lucky to live in a place where outdoors is great all year round 🙂

  2. Mark H says:

    Conditioning in an apartment, or even in a house, isn’t always a lot of fun, but there are some good ideas here! one of my favourite things to do at home is recovery work with a foam roller. Not exactly parkour, but feels good afterwards.

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