Reunion With The Parkour Gym

It’s good to remember where you started. Recently we’ve switched up our training and returned to the facility that introduced us to free running and parkour. The last few months were spent independently learning parkour moves outside, and returning to the gym was refreshing. The classes are a mix of skill-levels and ages; we’re at the bottom of the skills but the top of the ages!

After training outside we were able to appreciate the parkour gym more than before. There are advantages to training in a gym that you can’t get outside: objective coaching, forgiving surfaces, moveable obstacles, and live inspiration. We took advantage of them all!

We’ve learned many of our parkour moves from YouTube but having objective coaching was a huge benefit: we got tips and advice that we could use right away. We’ve developed habits training independently and, although they may not necessarily be ‘bad’ habits, it helped to get pointers from an instructor.

Parkour Girl Practicing Winter Palm Spin

Practicing a palm spin in the snow – Rotary Park, Calgary, Alberta

The soft surfaces of the gym slowed our progress when first learning parkour. The padding allowed us to be sloppy whereas the real world did not. Practicing outside made us better, faster. Now with some experience the gym allows us to practice creativity in an environment where failure is an option.

We prefer training outside; the gym seems crowded and the younger kids fly everywhere oblivious to their environment. Outside you can use whatever you want, whenever you want, without competition.

Our reunion with parkour classes made us realize that we need to practice at the gym and outside to progress as traceurs. Real world obstacles perfect parkour training quickly, but creativity and new methods are learned fearlessly fast in the gym. Parkour and free running is about using the environment available to you. For us that will include both the world outside and the parkour gym.


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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  1. It’s good to get the best of both worlds – one of the places I train is a park with a beach sand volleyball court (lovely and soft to land in!), and the other is pure brick and concrete. I haven’t yet been to the parkour gym (it’s quite far from me) that we have here but I’m keen to experience soft bouncy mats! 🙂

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