Snowy Parkour Practice – YouTube Video

The snow has come to Calgary and it’s time to get outside and play … err, practice. Around here skiing is typically the winter sport of choice; however for traceurs like us it has some stiff competition this winter as we learn parkour.

Parkour training in winter has unique benefits and hazards. The snow is soft and cushions landings and rolls, but ice presents a new challenge for feet and hands. Precision jumps onto snowy ledges are dangerous with the possibility of hidden ice and swinging from cold bars will require winter gloves that may affect your grip. Snow easily gets down your pants when practicing parkour rolls and may soak sweatshirts. But boy it is FUN!

The background music of our latest practice video may leave parkour visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. Can you recognize some of the snow covered practice sites from a previous training video?


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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