Can the city planners and Calgary’s parkour community work together to make this area into something special? The city has been investing time and money into improving Calgary’s downtown and I see this as an opportunity to make the space a unique area. Aligning some common goals the area could be used by the many office workers as a desirable lunching area, as a rallying area for the practitioners of parkour, and as draw to the downtown core during weekends and for tourism. It will be interesting to see how forward-thinking Calgary is willing to be in its downtown development and how professionally the parkour community can present itself.

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The austere off-brown cement structures of Calgary’s Century Gardens were designed to evoke the geography of the entire province in a downtown square city block.

To the west: imposing vertical blocks, cut by a narrow walkway, small waterfalls and artificial streams (i.e., the Rocky Mountains). Further east, the architecture fades to prairie grassland, trees, rolling concrete hills and a replica river flowing into a lake-like pond.

But the park, built in 1975 to mark the city’s centennial, is under threat: the water pumps are failing, the concrete is fading and its idealistic mini-mountain-scapes have become public hidey-holes for the destitute and the desperate.

“The way it’s currently designed provides an opportunity for that type of behaviour to occur. Certainly if we were designing a park today, we would not necessarily design it in that fashion,” said Kyle Ripley, the manager of parks planning and development at the City of Calgary.

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