Parkour In Unfamiliar Places?

Most successful athletes set goals when training and traceurs are no exception. The fastest, most effective way to learn parkour is to set a goal and then focus on achieving that goal. However, sometimes life throws a curveball and, to be successful, you’ll need to adapt. Your goals will change for parkour injuries, the weather, different seasons, or simply some exciting news.

I had planned to practice parkour next summer; an email changed that. Instead of having all summer to learn parkour skills I received a deadline. The company I work with partners with an NGO and I will be moving to West Africa next August. Now my summer practice time is limited and I need to change my goals.

Snow Bunny Rabit

Ready for Ghana?

I will be living in Ghana for six months and during that time my strategy for learning parkour needs to adapt. A blog post about practicing parkour overseas made me wonder if structures in rural Ghana are suitable for parkour. If they are not what will I do? I’m hesitant to ask my new NGO contacts: the fact that I do parkour can be difficult to explain when most “sane” people in their 30’s don’t jump over walls.

To prepare for Ghana I’ll practice skills that do not need sturdy structures. I am behind on my handstands, cartwheels, and other simple moves. By practicing the basics before I go, I will be able to advance these skills safely while in Ghana. Depending on how training goes, my new goals include parkour rolls, dive rolls, wall spins, and flips.

In seven months I will be living in a totally different environment; will I give up on practicing parkour now? No. Will I change my approach? Hell yes! It will be interesting to see what is accomplished before I leave.


Learn the ups and downs of discovering parkour.

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