Parkour at Home – New Beginning?

When arriving in a new town planning to practice parkour, it pays to take some time and get to know the surfaces and hazards. But what about coming back to a place you know after being away? Have things changed so much you need to get reacquainted again?

Home for the holidays, I arrived just in time for a snow storm. During a Canadian winter, that means no practicing outside. But what about inside? I’m spending some time in my childhood home, and I’m seeing it for the first time with my parkour vision. Or am I?

Since starting parkour we feel like we’ve come back to basics, back to play, back to being a kid. Now that I’m back in the house where I grew up I can see the stairs and walls that were my jungle gym when I was small. I remember swinging my way around the bannister, taking the steps in twos, then threes, then (if I were brave) fours. I also remember doing cartwheels in the hall, jumping from bed to bed, and trying to chimney climb the walls (much to my mother’s chagrin as she had to clean both hand- and foot-prints off the walls).

No Limits Sign - parkour sign

No limits, Calgary Alberta

It is refreshing to see my old home in a new light, which seems a lot like the old light; now I’m back and I don’t just see a house, I see a whole lot of swinging, jumping, and vaulting just waiting for me. Then again, when I was five years old I weighed a lot less and the furniture hasn’t gotten any stronger. I also remember times when my early acrobatic experiments didn’t turn out so well: falling down the stairs, jumping over the bed instead of on it, and so on.

I like being able to see my house the way I used to see it when I was young: parkour vision comes easily when all you do is play all day. Although I don’t intend to relive my childhood adventures, I’m happy remembering what it was like to climb and jump on things that weren’t meant for it. Which is exactly what we like about parkour.

So for now the memories will keep me going because I’ll venture outside instead of inside for my parkour fix. That is, if the snow ever stops.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy the snow

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