Plyometrics VS Plyocide: Which Is Better For Parkour?

You’ve just finished a parkour jam or practice session. Do your legs shake like jello when walking home? Step up your conditioning by incorporating plyometrics. What is plyometrics? Plyometric jump training is important for parkour (or any sport) where an athlete needs explosive leg strength. It improves your fast twitch muscle response and builds strength. Make plyometrics part of a regular exercise routine, and your endurance will increase. A lot. If you have never done plyometric training before, P90X or P90X2 are good place to start.

Parkour Girl Plyometrics

P90X plyometrics training

Beachbody’s most famous video exercise series has two plyometric workout options: the nearly decade-old ‘Plyometrics’ from P90X, and ‘Plyocide’ from 2012 newcomer P90X2. The difference between the two workouts:

Plyometrics: An extreme leg-strength workout, P90X Plyometrics is a cardio workout too. Without wasting time, the 60 minute DVD will elevate your heart rate even during the warm up. Expect to be tired from lunges and squats just as the real ‘fun’ begins. There is no shame if during the first few attempts you cannot finish the full routine. It took me three weeks before successfully finishing the entire video. Later that evening I fell down the stairs because my legs were too exhausted to support my weight.

Plyocide: With less sustained cardio than its predecessor, Plyocide still leaves you breathless. The workout trains both strength and twitch muscles with a variety of moves. The new jump training in P90X2 is equipment intensive. By the end of the 55 minutes you’ll have used a foam roller, stability ball, medicine ball, sturdy box, and a workout band. The video has options to skip any of the equipment, but do so and you’ll miss the full effectiveness of the exercises.

To practice parkour harder and longer, plyometrics should become a key part of your conditioning. Whether you complete “Plyometrics” or “Plyocide” you will curse and swear at Tony Horton as he puts you through hell, but you will also thank him.


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